About Us

Overview The Humanitarian Relief Society was established in the heart of Kuwait City to provide aid, assistance, development and urgent relief to Muslims in various parts of the world suffering from oppression, war, famine, disease, and poverty to help the refugees, help the needy and help the displaced from their harsh conditions.

Vision To be pioneers in sustainable philanthropy at the local and global levels.


 The Humanitarian Support Agency of the State of Kuwait has been working with local and international communities since 2015 to enhance their ability to participate in voluntary and charity work and to promote the values of volunteerism. – Providing services locally to fight and address poverty and poor living through the use of modern technologies and use them in the field of charity. – Provide moral support and in-kind and cash assistance to poor Muslims. – Concern for the Muslim refugees and the development of their communities with education, health and other essentials of a decent life. – To provide assistance to Muslims in all parts of the earth wherever they are in order to preserve their human dignity and their presence in life and to prevent the impact on their Islamic faith. All of these goals are always sought with the help of Allah in achieving them and through a large segment of the Kuwaiti society leading in charitable humanitarian work.